The Night

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

The shadows begin to creep over town and field                                                                                                                        

Blackening out the day

And my weary heart grows dark in their shade.

The clarity of the light

Now eclipsed by the night,

My mind becomes murky in the dusk.

Heart beating faster, racing harder

The corners of the room begin to move and dance

A twisted, threatening jig of uncertainty

Inciting fear

Promising pain

Causing me to forget the day just gone

And that one will come again.

The percussive rumble of the train

Right on time

Joins the night time melody

Clickety clack clickety clack

Circling round and round the tracks 

Of my mind

With its cargo of fear, doubt and despair

Chugging on

Wearing marks into my soul

Deep and sore. Yes how quickly the clarity of the light is eclipsed by the night.

But then a flicker, a glow

Somewhere in the corner of my mind

Pulsing out truth

“God is sovereign, God is good.”

The flames catch some flax close by and begin to rise

Burning up the darkness of doubt

“All things are working for your good child,

Even in the night.

For Abba does not slumber

Nor leave his little ones unattended.”

The room is bright now

With truth the darkness cannot hide

“More than a conqueror – that’s your name

Established in love – that’s your position.”

The shade clings on to the edges it still possesses

But it’s powerless against the name now falling from my lips,

“Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.”

Now it is the night that trembles

For, though arrogant and gaudy,

Even the dark knows its limits 

And the name of Jesus builds a boundary line around me

The shadows dare not cross.

Now I lay me down to sleep

Sweet, secure sleep

For the deep, dark night 

Holds no terror for those who know the truth –

The darkness does not dictate our destiny

It merely serves to show off the light. 

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