A Letter From A Mum Of Boys

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Dear World,

I’m a mum of boys. My house tells their story. Chips of paint are missing from our stairs, battered relentlessly with a football. My garden is a pile of muck from wellies trailed through soft, wet, winter grass. My piano has numerous busted keys from tiny, over-enthusiastic fingers attempting their first concerto. And don’t get me started on dinner conversation… football, always football. I’m definitely outnumbered as the only female in a boy’s world. But if I’m honest I love it. I love being the girl of the house. I am fiercely protected on all sides by my three exceptional men. 

And yet, as a woman in the era in which I find myself, I feel it necessary to protect them too. 

There is a rising tide of girl-power in our day and generation. Don’t get me wrong, much of it I love. I love seeing girls young and old step with confidence into everything they were created to be. I have given many years of my life to ensure that this happens. But I am also afraid. There is a tendency in society to extremes. Sometimes when society has been out of balance, the pendulum swings violently in the opposite direction, rather than gently moving to the middle where it always should have been.

As a mother of boys, I’m afraid. I’m afraid that they are growing up in a society that will make them pay for their gender, that will make them feel like they have to carry the shame of every mistake men before them in other generations made. I’m afraid when I hear people belittling men as if they deserve it because of what women have endured. I’m afraid because I’m a mum of boys and I want them to grow up in a society where, yes, they are held accountable for their bad choices, but only theirs. Otherwise we have simply replaced the sin of degradation of women with the sin of degradation of men. Neither is acceptable. 

Every. Human. Has. Value.

That value is not gender specific. It is built upon the truth that they were created by and are deeply loved by God. 

So as a mum of boys I am determined that our boys, alongside every little girl their age, will step into everything they were made for, unashamed of who they are and free to become so much more. 

And I believe that starts with us girls. We need to ensure that the boys and men in our lives know they are loved, valuable, necessary. We need to celebrate them loud and proud and resist any temptation to make them feel less than precious. 

So let me get us started…

Today I celebrate every little boy. And I celebrate the many incredible men in our world. I pray over each one of your hearts and spirits. Go be all you were created to be, men who carry value and purpose and men who intentionally call out value and purpose in every other human-being that you meet. 

Us girls are cheering you on. 

We are proud of you. 

We are for you. 

We love sharing this planet with you. 

Love from

A Mum-of-Boys


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