Hi, I’m Charlotte Curran

a speaker, author &
book-buying-addict based in
Northern Ireland. 

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"When I was a kid, I used to fall asleep with a book on my face every night. The rustle of the pages became the theme tune of my life.

Soon I learnt that books don't just entertain us. They educate us. They inspire us. And if we let them, they change us."

"The Bible
is no ordinary book.
I believe wholeheartedly in its power to change lives."

Charlotte travels extensively to speak at different conferences and events throughout the year. Fill in an online form under the 'booking' tab or click the link below to make a request for Charlotte to speak at your event. 

The Big Story

6 Week Series


Mentoring Program​


Communications Course

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"Carefully crafted language has the power to unlock something inside the human heart."

Charlotte writes creative pieces and spoken words for performance at special events and conferences. Get in touch to check her availability to write for your project. 

Charlotte is also a voiceover artist recording the dialogue for promotional videos.

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